Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

The Return of the Bison: 150 Years Later

Badlands National Park witnessed the return of the first four bison to roam their expanded bison range.

In nearly 150 years, bison have returned to the Badlands National Park, a South Dakota national park.

Park officials released four bison into the newly secured land dedicated to reinvigorate the bison population, America’s national mammal. An additional 22,000 acres of land was acquired with the help of the US Forest Service and World Wildlife Fund, in 2014.

In the 1500s, an estimated 30 million bison roamed freely, which was reduced to less than 1,000 on the continent by late 1800s. During the 1960s, 50 bison were reintroduced to the park. An additional 20 bison were added 20 years later.

With the help of wildlife organizations and multiple donors, the bison population is now capable of reproducing and increasing their numbers naturally.

Now, how do we stop deteriorating what’s left of this world so these bison can enjoy this newly discovered land?

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